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26 February: Kuwait Liberation Day

25 February: Kuwait National Day, ANZAK wishes you a great, memorable Day!

18 February 2020:
Coronavirus business advice from the New Zealand Government:
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15 February 2020: Caltex Socceroos vs Kuwait football club
Perth, Western Australia, HBF Park, 26 March, 6pm, tickets:

6 February 2020: Happy Waitangi Day

o5 February 2020: New Zealand former Prime Minister and former WTO director-general Mike Moore passes away 2 feb

26 January 2020: Happy Australia Day

8 January 2020: Ukraine International Airlines flight 752 shot down by alleged state sponsored terrorists: the IRGC. out of the 167 passengers' citizenship, 82 were confirmed to be Iranian, 63 were Canadian, three were British, four were Afghan, 10 were Swedish, and three were German., 11 were Ukrainian including the 9 crew. ANZAK wishes sincere Condolences to go out to the victims families, friends and loved ones

1 January 2020: Happy New year

What's your daily carbon footprint? Think about your impact on Man Made Global warming NGO's:


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