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30 September 2020: Australia and New Zealand offers the people of KUWAIT sympathy on the passing of the Amir: Sheikh Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah at the age of 91 on Tuesday. Born 6 June 1929, Sheikh Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah was locally educated and proved himself to be an effective and versatile Statesman, Leader and a well loved Humanitarian. Known around the world for his kindness and generosity especially through challenging events in Kuwait such as the numerous Parliament dissolutions, the Arabian Gulf such as the Iran-Iraq-KSA and Syrian conflicts, the GCC such as mediation between members and Yemen and on the world stage such as improving relations with China. Kuwait will have a three day holiday and 40 Days of mourning starting from Tuesday 29th September 2020.

18 September 2020: Opinion: The Abraham accords are a win-win for all signatories and a possible five more potential Arab states. President Donald Trump and the corresponding parties have Short-circuited the persisting Biblical Zionist Folk-law of Armageddon from Arab/Palestinian opponents and persistent fragmented Islamic Jihad rhetoric and actions further agitated by Coalition Reaction forces in the Middle East. Whether this accord was brought about so surprisingly due to the tightening of belts of petroleum exporting countries due to Covid19 or a desire to re-frame the Islam-a-phobic views of the world to Arabs and African Refugees facing the Peak oil recessions supported only by few such as a penitent Germany, is a decisive move to improve relations to all the parties and the world community. Are the parties engaging Israel as the world did by Industrialising China?, Perhaps thinking a busy Israel is a Happier Middle East. Israel as does Kuwait, shouldn`t have to sell all its prized Jewels or Holy places just to be accepted by its Neighbours, the former Ottomans` who`s loss of Palestine founded Israel are still teaching Christians and liberals alike about Possession. Author: Brett Keiller.

14 September 2020: Bahrain and United Arab Emirates Normalise relations with Israel in an Abraham Peace accord signed at the White House, Washington DC. not seen since the handover of the Sinai to Egypt. This deal Sponsored by President Donald J. Trump (USA) and the respective leaders of Israel: Benjamin Netanyahu and foreign Ministers: Abdullatif Al-Zayani (Bahrain) and Abdullah Bin Zayed Al-Nahyan (UAE), with the aim of establishing a new Future together and an interim promise hopefully ending Israel`s plans of annexing large parts of the occupied West Bank

3 August 2020: New Zealand extends Middle East and Africa peace support deployments:

25 April 2020: 05:30 (AEST) Virtual and Televised ANZAC Dawn Service (ABC) :

25 April 2020: New Zealand ANZAC Day Returned and Services:

25 April 2020: Australia ANZAC Day Returned Services League:

25 April 2020: resources for ANZAC Day Services

13 April 2020: 08:00 (AEST) Catholic Easter Monday Service live from St Stephens Brisbane:

10-13 April 2020: 01:00 Life Church Easter Services:

12 April 2020: City impact Church Auckland:

12 April 2020: Easter Samoan services:

12 April 2020: 11:00 (AEST) Hillsong Easter Sunday Service:

12 April 2020: 09:30 (AEST) Online Easter Church:

10 April 2020: about Good Friday:

31 March 2020: NZDF Withdraws from Taji, Iraq putting more pressure on Kuwait Border from Iranian Aggression

26 February: Kuwait Liberation Day

25 February: Kuwait National Day, ANZAK wishes you a great, memorable Day!

18 February 2020:
Coronavirus business advice from the New Zealand Government:
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15 February 2020: Caltex Socceroos vs Kuwait football club
Perth, Western Australia, HBF Park, 26 March, 6pm, tickets:

6 February 2020: Happy Waitangi Day

o5 February 2020: New Zealand former Prime Minister and former WTO director-general Mike Moore passes away 2 feb

26 January 2020: Happy Australia Day

8 January 2020: Ukraine International Airlines flight 752 shot down by alleged state sponsored terrorists: the IRGC. out of the 167 passengers' citizenship, 82 were confirmed to be Iranian, 63 were Canadian, three were British, four were Afghan, 10 were Swedish, and three were German., 11 were Ukrainian including the 9 crew. ANZAK wishes sincere Condolences to go out to the victims families, friends and loved ones

1 January 2020: Happy New year

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