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1 January 2023: Happy New Year 2023

11 March 2023: China brokers talks between Iran and Saudi including a pathway to the end of the Yemen conflict

20 March 2023: Second Gulf war - 20 years on we remember
By Brett Wilbert Keiller

My Family, Mentor and Friend Tanumafili Toso Characterised Iraq as a firing range outlined by thin UN peacekeeper lines, with Iraq in dire need of transformation so Children and Civil Society could be nutured instead of Brutalised, the Op was a moral act of preservation to make peace for much of Humanity in the Middle East.

Much prior the Second Gulf war also known as Operation Iraqi Freedom, was up to the operation: Opaque. Media such as TV, Radio, telephones, journalists movements were all tightly controlled and Iraq was ruled over by A Proud and ruthless Authoritarian regime with dictator Saddam Hussein at its head and a Political organ the Ba'ath party with its tentacles through the nations Military, Police, sympathisers and informants which together held an iron hand on the lives of Iraqi's and many of its neighbours.

Well known war crimes where Iraq had routinely plundered and mercilessly attacked nations such as Persia, Israel, Saudi and Kuwait, as well as its own people during the first Gulf War. Many prisoners of war were taken during and after the occupation of Kuwait and in a little known dissapointment: many resident Palestinians aided Iraqi forces in the control of Kuwait Civil society (root cause of Palestinian Exodus from Kuwait), further at the retreat of iraqi forces, hundreds of POW's were kidnapped taken into Iraq and killed and the biggest Environmental disaster of the time: Kuwait's Oil wells were lit on fire Ref

With these serious acts and real threats, in my view the brave act of the coalition to free and preserve from further harm both the external victims and internal civil society from the Iraqi regime was a necessity.

The United Nations were struggling to protect border zones from continual armed provocations from Iraqi forces after the first gulf war, and while in hind sight new WMD's were not found in Iraq, there was a firm precedent of WMD possesion and war crime application of these weapons prior to 2003.

A joint UN and Coalition act to diminish and destroy the WMD stockpiles and Missile delivery was carried out in 1998. Ref
I witnessed the return of Saudi Armoured columns back to base via the ring road while I was leading a Y2K project at a major Bank: NCB in Jeddah, KSA.

While we must heal from war and better protect the World from it rearing up again and again, we must endeaver to learn to live safely and securely together. in this diverse world, God requires us to love our neighbours as we love ourselves. So it is Written: Matthew 22 37-39


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